Forcepoint DLP protects organizations from information leaks and data loss at the perimeter and inside the organization, as well as in certain Infrastructure as a Service platforms.

  • It includes an analytics engine that identifies and ranks high-risk incidents. Incidents generated by DLP policies across all core Forcepoint DLP components are evaluated to report on those with the highest data loss or data theft risk score.
  • It can operate alone in the network, or be paired with Forcepoint Web Security or Forcepoint Email Security to provide a well-rounded security solution for your organization.

Forcepoint DLP Network prevents data loss through email and over web channels such as HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP.

  • It includes Forcepoint DLP Email Gateway, which is deployed in Microsoft Azure to provide DLP policy enforcement for Microsoft Exchange Online.
  • It also supports the scanning of content supplied by third-party solutions, such as Citrix FileShare, via the ICAP protocol.

A mobile agent applies DLP policies to corporate email traffic that is synchronized to mobile devices using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.Consult a Forcepoint sales representative for more information about the full range of Forcepoint DLP options.

There’s many features on Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention, you can check it on their official website below.